Sunday, October 23, 2011


So, I haven't updated this in awhile b/c we moved to Texas and got a place and took way too long to get things straightened out. We found a house that we both like. There's a bit of work to do on it but Joe's on top of that. The house has more square feet than our townhouse did but it doesn't seem like it. =\

We got a puppy! He's a beagle/whippet mix and he's about 10 months old. His name is Ezio and he's very spoiled!

Lets see....what else what else. Joe has signed back in and is at his unit finally. I have an interview on Monday with Earthbound Trading in the mall. Not thrilled with working at the mall again but I loved EBT in Savannah and I'm sure I'll love it here. =)

Besides that I've been sitting at home trying to figure out what to do and working on Christmas presents. Around this time every year I start figuring out what to get everyone and this year I'm stumped. I feel like I've got to get everyone something and hate that I can't. Next month I'll start buying some things. I already know what I'm getting all the nieces and nephews (all 6 of them! haha) and I know what I'm getting my dad. =S And next month I get to start baking pumpkin bread! =D Super excited about that. And I know my brother in law, Ryan is too. Haha. I did already find my Christmas cards and I've put names on all the envelopes. I've just got to get addresses and fill out the inside. =) Once that's done I can just stamp them and wait till Dec. 1 to send them out. One less thing I'll possibly forget about once it's closer to Christmas.

Well...I'm kinda out of things to update on. Once I think of more stuff I'll update again. Hope everyone has a great Sunday!

Joe & Ezio