Thursday, May 31, 2012

Type 2 Diabetes

My last post stated that I "have" type 2 diabetes. Joe and I don't believe that's true so we went out and bought a meter to test my blood everyday. The past few days I slipped up and didn't take it (oops!) but I had taken it every morning from May 17 to May 27. I figured I'd share my glucose levels with everyone and get some input on if you think I've got type 2 diabetes or not. I'll add in the days to this blog when I take my glucose level in the morning.

May 17..........96 mg/dl
May 18..........90 mg/dl
May 19..........109 mg/dl
May 20..........86 mg/dl
May 21..........107 mg/dl
May 22..........127 mg/dl
May 23..........106 mg/dl
May 24..........104 mg/dl
May 25..........115 mg/dl
May 26..........113 mg/dl
May 27..........100 mg/dl
May 31..........113 mg/dl

I know some are kinda high (like the 127!) but those days I didn't fast for 12 hours. Some I might have been fasting for 5 or 6 hours. Since the 21st, it's been in the 100's but still, I don't think it's type 2 diabetes high! Oh well, I'm not the doctor.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I suck at keeping up blogs....

I really wanted to keep up with this since moving to Texas but sadly I don't think of this blog much anymore.

I've really got nothing to talk about seeing as nothing much has really happened here lately but here's an update on the things that have been going on!

Back in February (I think?) Joe made his E5. =) He's going to the promotion board in July for his E6. Whoop! He's been busy with work and the whatnot. His days off he plays video games and catches up on sleep.

As for me, I'm starting school again on June 4 (just a week away!) and I'm super excited. Other than that I've just been working and reading. Kind of a boring life but oh well.

Oh! Not that I believe anyone honestly reads this or cares but I was recently diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. The temp doctor I have right now wouldn't listen to me when I told her that my previous doctor had me eat something sugary before getting my blood glucose test done so I could be put in for lapband surgery. She stopped anything Joe or myself had to say and pounded it into our heads that I'm now diabetic. I would think that if I were diabetic I would have my sugar levels rise and fall pretty dramatically seeing as I don't watch what I eat (I'm very guilty of that and I DO need to change that so I can feel better about myself). I literally drink soda all day long (another thing I REALLY need to stop), and eat handfuls of candy throughout the day if I feel like having something sweet. I make a very yummy coca cola cake that is very, very, VERY rich chocolate. I'm sure if I had diabetes, that cake alone would send me into a diabetic coma. So I'm waiting for my new doctor to come in (no clue when that'll be) and I'm going to go in after I've been fasting for 12 hours, and get a new glucose test done. Also, I've decided I'm going to attempt to lose weight the "healthy" way. It's not worked for me in the past and I've injured myself in the past doing it this way but I'm going to try. My mom has offered to pay for weight watchers if I decide to do it but I don't know. I'm a very picky eater and I'm not sure how it all would fit in with me going to work and school. Also, I don't want to practically starve Joe while I'm trying to do better. I know I'm making up excuses but after failing before and injuring myself while doing it, I don't see this working out again. =\