Sunday, October 23, 2011


So, I haven't updated this in awhile b/c we moved to Texas and got a place and took way too long to get things straightened out. We found a house that we both like. There's a bit of work to do on it but Joe's on top of that. The house has more square feet than our townhouse did but it doesn't seem like it. =\

We got a puppy! He's a beagle/whippet mix and he's about 10 months old. His name is Ezio and he's very spoiled!

Lets see....what else what else. Joe has signed back in and is at his unit finally. I have an interview on Monday with Earthbound Trading in the mall. Not thrilled with working at the mall again but I loved EBT in Savannah and I'm sure I'll love it here. =)

Besides that I've been sitting at home trying to figure out what to do and working on Christmas presents. Around this time every year I start figuring out what to get everyone and this year I'm stumped. I feel like I've got to get everyone something and hate that I can't. Next month I'll start buying some things. I already know what I'm getting all the nieces and nephews (all 6 of them! haha) and I know what I'm getting my dad. =S And next month I get to start baking pumpkin bread! =D Super excited about that. And I know my brother in law, Ryan is too. Haha. I did already find my Christmas cards and I've put names on all the envelopes. I've just got to get addresses and fill out the inside. =) Once that's done I can just stamp them and wait till Dec. 1 to send them out. One less thing I'll possibly forget about once it's closer to Christmas.

Well...I'm kinda out of things to update on. Once I think of more stuff I'll update again. Hope everyone has a great Sunday!

Joe & Ezio

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Can't sleep

Blah. I thought when Joe came home I wold be able to sleep like normal people  but sadly I haven't. My knee bothers me a lot at night and when I try to go to bed I'm use to having the entire bed to spread out on to make my knee comfortable. Now, I have another body in bed with me and it's difficult to spread out. Sleeping on the couch hurts my back and my neck but doesn't bother my knee at all. =\ I was sleeping peacefully and my phone rang and I haven't been able to go back to sleep since. =( So for the past 4 hours I've been downstairs, wide awake, listening to the storm and playing Facebook games. We've got a lot to do tomorrow so I SHOULD be attempting to sleep but instead I thought I'd write. Tomorrow we've got to finish organizing our spare bedroom and moving some of the stuff downstairs or into our bedroom so we can put the few things we don't want the packers to move into that room. It feels like we've got a busy week and a half ahead of us before the move but really it's just a lot of things that will only take an hour or two to do. Lets see what we've got to do....

Wednesday (today) we've got to finish organizing our spare bedroom and move things downstairs or into our bedroom.
Thursday we've got to still figure that out. I guess it'll either be a day of rest or we'll figure out something to do.
Friday we're possibly moving my dresser downstairs. Its a VERY old dresser and it means a lot to me so I don't want the movers to move it downstairs. I honestly don't want them moving it period but it won't fit in the bed of my truck so I'll have to let them. =( I just don't want them to get it half way downstairs and realize they can't carry it or it slip from their hands and break going down the steps. I would possibly kill someone.
Saturday I've got to figure out something to do while Joe goes to his dads house and works on his car. Anyone free Saturday??
Sunday is another iffy day. We could also be moving the dresser this day if it doesn't happen Friday. I think Joe said Jones is coming to help? I don't know who that is but he does and Joe thinks he's going to be strong enough to move the dresser. Guess I should clean out the dresser before it gets moved....I don't think this Jones fella wants to see my underoos.
Monday we're packing anything we have a box for (tv, wii, etc). It kinda makes me feel like a pack rat knowing how much stuff we have boxes for. =\
Tuesday the packers should be coming out to pack everything up (according to Joe).
Wednesday they're coming back to put everything into the moving truck. It makes more sense to me for them to do that all in one day but whatever. Guess that's why I'm not a mover.
Thursday we're going to steam clean the carpets (if we can find a cleaner....anyone got one we may borrow??)
Friday is the big day! We're finally going to move to Texas! We'll have to drop off our router to Comcast and start our long 19 hour drive. Not looking forward to being alone in my truck for that long of a drive but I'll be happy to be out of Georgia. I've got 2 friends in Texas and an aunt so I'm looking forward to seeing them. =)
This month seems to have been dragging on for me. The first half of the month dragged on because I was waiting for Joe to come home. Then he came home and now we're waiting to move and that seems to be taking forever! *sigh* Guess I'm just too excited.

Well, the storm has started up again and it seems harder this time so I'm going to go hide under the blankets like a 2 year old and make Joe comfort me. Good night!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Its the most wonderful time of the year...

Not sure if anyone realizes this yet month starts the "holiday months!!" Eek! Where did this year go?! I never thought September would get here and now that it's here I realize that next month is Halloween, 2 months from now is Thanksgiving, and 3 months from now it's Christmas! Exciting but a wtf moment also! For the rest of September I'll be cleaning the house and getting ready for our move to Texas (whoop!). October will be mostly unpacking everything and finding a job that I like (boo). Then we'll be in November. =) I love November because it's chilly outside, the leaves are still kinda red and look beautiful (at least in Ga they are...), and it's perfectly ok for me to burn my pumpkin scented candles. Haha. While I was just cleaning up I found one of my pumpkin candles from last year and took a huge whiff of it. It was amazing. I want to burn one right now but I'm using willpower to keep from doing so. Taking a huge whiff of that candle also reminded me that in November I get to make pumpkin bread!!! =D Yay!! I love my pumpkin bread and from the few people I sent it to last year, they love it too! =) So again this year, I'll be excitedly making pumpkin bread. If I can figure out how to sell them I will but I don't know how to get the word out on it. =\

Well, I know it's early to  think about making pumpkin bread but if you would like some very yummy pumpkin bread let me know and I'll send you some! I think I'll do $5 for the tiny bunt cakes (10 in a bag) and $10 for 2 loaves of it. Let me know! I'll bring this back up middle of October so I can remind people but tell your friends and family! Help an Army wife out! =)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Update on life

I haven't been on here in a very long time. I've realized blogging isn't my thing I guess. Anyhow, I guess it's a good time for an update. Joe came home in June for a month and we celebrated our 1st anniversary. We went to Disney to celebrate and it was really fun. =) Since he left to go back to Korea I've not done a lot at home. Just work. Found out July 30th that I have gout in my left knee and that kept me out of work for 2 weeks.

We found out that when Joe comes home in Sept we're going to be stationed at Ft. Hood, TX. Pretty excited about that. I know I'll hate it once I get there but right now anything is better than Georgia. We should be there around the beginning of October. Hopefully Joe will have his car fixed by then.

Other than that, nothing has been going on. Its been a very boring time. I guess thats all for now. Not very good at this so sorry.