Thursday, September 13, 2012

Moving, baby, sciatica

I've said before that I'm horrible at keeping up with this blog. Oops! Again, I'm trying to do more with it but I've been so sleepy! We're currently in the process of packing and moving from Killeen to Copperas Cove by the end of this month all while Joe works and I go to school. *sigh* It's wearing us both out. I'm really excited to get to spend the holidays (with Joe for the 2nd year in a row, whoop!) in our new house. =) I'll have pictures as soon as we can find our camera charger. Haha.

Back in July we found out I was pregnant (for anyone who didn't already know) and as far as we know I'm due March 28. =) As of today I'm 12 weeks along. =) It's been a very rough time these past 3 months. I've been having evening sickness which only sucks b/c I get sick after we eat dinner and b/c I sleep on my stomach and doing that makes me sick too. *sigh* The sickness has gotten better (though today was rough), I still have to get up a lot to pee and I feel constantly hungry. =( Joe is slowly getting use to my mood swings (which happen more times than not) but I was told soon those will go away and I'll feel normal again. Haha.

Along with becoming pregnant I've also developed sciatica. It started out with just a pain in my lower back and got gradually worse. I went to the doctor (not the dr I usually see though) to find out what I can do about this b/c some days it hurts to walk, sit, stand, or anything else I try to do. Even on days it doesn't bother me at all I have to be careful b/c bending over to pick something up with aggravate it. =( So for this move I've been all of no help at all seeing as I can't lift anything or bend over to put anything in a box. =( The doctor I saw said that there's nothing they can do and that if it gets worse they will have to put me in a wheelchair for the rest of my pregnancy and for the first few months after I give birth OR they can put me on crutches (pregnant and on crutches seems way too difficult). I'm getting a 2nd opinion when I go to my next appointment on Monday. I've been told by different people that they've had this and there are other things that can be done besides throwing me into a wheelchair.

That's all that's really new with us (or mostly me rather). I did get some really good news today from my bff and that has pretty much made my day. =) Super excited for her. Well, that's all I got for right now! If anyone who isn't on my Facebook friends list reads this add me on Facebook and follow me on Pinterest! I'll get some buttons up for those!

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