Thursday, January 19, 2012

I need to try new foods!!

I'm thinking I might need an intervention, I've become way too addicted to my crock pot and get way too excited when I get to cook dinner with it! Haha. I'd like to think it's helping me learn how to cook but really it's doing all the work for me after I throw everything into it. I need more recipes that possibly doesn't involve the crock pot. Anyone want to share some yummy ones with me? I'm a very, very, VERY picky eater (worse than a 2 year old) so if you share a recipe with me please don't get offended if I pass on it or if I decide to make it but take out somethings b/c I don't like it like onions. And if it doesn't involve chicken, that would be great. As much as I could eat chicken every day for the rest of my life, Joe is getting quite tired of it. I've been trying very hard to find new recipes but either they don't seem appitizing or they involve chicken. Haha. If anyone is willing to share a yummy recipe with me I would love you forever. =)

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