Sunday, October 10, 2010

How I got to where I am now

I'm new to this so bare with me. I'll start out with a little background on how I became an Army wife.

On June 19, 2010 I married my lovely husband, Joe. Joe and I met in high school at Bradwell Institute. He was a senior and I was a freshman. We don't know exactly how we met but we assume it was through a mutual friend, James. From the day we met Joe started walking me to chorus everyday. I remember thinking at first that this guy was kinda creepy for walking me to class but eventually the guy with beautiful bright blue eyes didn't seem creepy. He was sweet. =) I really liked him and I could tell he liked me but I assumed nothing would come of it because there was a 4 year difference between us. Joe says he didn't know I liked him, though I thought it was apparent. After he graduated in 2001 we lost touch. June of 2009 I started cleaning my bedroom and I found my senior book. I found Joes name card (the card that has your full name and "class of....") and thought about looking him up on facebook. He was the only "Joe Wheale" so it was easy to find him and he looked just like he did in high school. We talked for about a week and he decided to come up to Kentucky to see me for the 4th of July. He spent the weekend with me and it was great. We set off some fireworks with my friends and talked about whats been going on in our lives since we last saw each other. In August Joe came back to Kentucky to pick me up and bring me back to Georgia for a week. The day we were going to leave, we had to go to a funeral of one of my friends, Chase Provence. He was more than willing to stay for the whole thing despite us not leaving for Ga until 6pm that night. We had a lovely week together and he drove me back to Ky at the end of that week. We didn't get to see each other for September since I was concentrating on school but we did get to see each other in Oct. I came to Ga the first week and he came to Ky to see me the last week. I got to Ga on the 5th of Oct very early in the morning and waited at the hotel for Joe to get off work. He got off, met me at the hotel, and we went ring shopping. We had talked a lot about getting married because we both felt like when we met up again we just picked up where we left off in high school. That night, Joe proposed with a ring he had bought 5 days earlier. He's sneaky sometimes. We told everyone and the only two that  honestly were happy for us were my 2 friends, Laura and Cabrina. We got questioned as to why by practically everyone. Regardless of how everyone felt about it, we were in love and we were going to do it. Joe deployed for Afganistan in November (the 18th) for 4 months. He came home safely in February (the 20th). In March (the 8th) I moved down to Ga to live with Joe and to start planning our wedding. We planned everything (with the help of a few people) and had a beautiful wedding  June 19. =)
3 months after being married, on Sept. 19, I had to drive Joe to the airport to go to Korea. I'm on a waiting list to join him. As of right now, we're #32. We're hoping by January I'll have my orders and I'll see my amazing husband again. If we don't have my orders by May or June, we're going to take me off the list and he'll come home in September and we'll move to Ft. Hood, Tx. If I do get my orders, I'll join him in Korea and he'll be there for 2 years total (back in the states Sept. 2012). Then, we'll go to Ft. Hood.
So now it's just a waiting game on what our future holds. *sigh* Wish us luck.

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