Monday, October 11, 2010

Sleep, How I Miss You....

Joe left 3 weeks ago for Korea and it's been a horrible 3 weeks. It's beyond lonely living alone and scary as hell being in Savannah without anyone here to help me if I needed it. What's the worse is trying to sleep in our bed. I got so use to sleeping in our bed with him in it. At first it was hard to get use to him being there and now I can't sleep in it without him. =\ I've opted for sleeping on the couch with my phone and computer by me incase Joe gets online. It seems desperate to sleep by my laptop but getting to talk to Joe, even if it's 4am, completely makes my day and really helps me get through a good part of my day. And it helps me sleep after he gets offline. I'm constantly tired but I can't ever sleep. I end up passing out at some point during the night and then during the day I end up taking a nap at some point during the day. Usually for about an hour. I miss actually sleeping through the night.

I remember when I moved to Georgia in March. Joe had to work in the morning and on some days I did too. We would go to bed by 9 and be asleep by 10. I remember waking up at 9am if I didn't have to work in the morning and I would wait for Joe to get home for lunch. Then I would clean, plan our wedding, and wait for Joe to get off of work. After the wedding was completely planned and we were finally married, I was bored all the time waiting for Joe to get home from work but when he got home I'd cook dinner, watch him play a few games and we would go to bed by 9. I miss those days. =(

I can't wait to be in Korea with Joe so I can finally sleep again. *sigh*

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